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Collection: Tremolite

Formula: ◻{Ca2}{Mg5}(Si8O22)(OH)2
The tremolite-actinolite series are defined as calcium amphiboles with A(Na+K+ 2Ca)<0.5 apfu and with C(Al+Fe3++2Ti)<0.5 apfu. The W position may contain (OH), F or Cl.
Tremolite is defined with
C2+ position: Mg>4.5 apfu
W position: (OH) dominant.
Tremolite is one of the few amphiboles that has not been redefined or renamed in any of the amphibole nomenclature reports.
Colour: White, brown, colourless, grey, light green, green, light yellow, pink-violet
Luster: Vitreous, Silky
Hardness: 5 - 6
Specific Gravity: 2.99 - 3.03
Crystal System: Monoclinic
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