x7 Clear Topaz Crystals.

x7 Clear Topaz Crystals.

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Terminated Topaz crystals with excellent clarity and structure.

Locale: Skardu District. Pakistan

Weights and Dimensions:

#1) 5.1 grams. 23mm x 13mm x 9mm

#2) 4.1 grams. 22mm x 11mm x 8mm

#3) 4 grams. 13mm x 12mm x 10mm

#4) 5.7 grams. 20mm x 13mm x 11mm

#5) 5.8 grams. 20mm x 12mm x 10mm

#6) 4.9 grams. 21mm x 11mm x 9mm

#7) 3.4 grams. 18mm x 10mm x 9mm